Music Therapy

Hello everybody! You’re still here? Damn! You must either be stuck in that position and have no choice other than to read my blogs, aliens have kidnapped you and your only means of survival is to read these blogs with them (yes, I have a theory that somewhere in space there are alien bloggers), or … More Music Therapy

Fake Friends

Hey again! So I see you decided to stick around! Thank you so so much, I literally can’t explain how much it means to me! But I’m not going to spend this post rambling over how happy I am, because I have something else to talk about today. Friends, or more specifically, fake friends. Now, … More Fake Friends

Hello World!

Hey! So… I’m BloggerGirlXCX. Welcome to my blog!! I’m so so excited to be starting it, and I’m just as excited that you found it! I can’t believe there is actually someone, somewhere reading this! I’m just your average teenage girl, I like to think. I have quite a lot of drama in my life though, the main cause being my … More Hello World!