Long time no see :)

Hello everyone!!

I’m in an okay mood right now but I have a lot on my chest and I thought, what better place to go than my blog!

I know I haven’t blogged in like 298210 Years, and I’m sorry, but I needed to take a break from the internet for a while.

My anxiety/panic disorder has escalated a lot lately, and with some dramas happening in my life I felt like I just couldn’t cope anymore. I was ready to give up, and I nearly did until I realized I was strong enough to get through this.

I realized that everything gets a little too much sometimes, and with the help of my music, my amazing friends and my guitar, I’ve gotten through what I hope was only a rough patch in my life.

I really wish I could write you guys a long detailed post about how much I love you all and such, but the truth is I have 3 minutes until I have to go, so I’ll update you all another time. Maybe tomorrow?

No promises 😉


Please follow, subscribe or whatever you need to keep reading my posts, I’m so excited to have you here!

You’re all like my closest friends and I love that we have our own little part of the wide web here where we can be ourselves and share nothing but positivity.

Okay I really gotta go! I know this is short and sweet but I’ll update you all soon! Maybe I’ll even tell you the embarrassing story of how I ran into a bus! Yes, you heard me correct, a bus.

Much love -insert the heart emoji that i just cant seem to find right now oops-


P.S: if you want to contact me please email me at bloggergirlxcx@gmail.com ! I love talking to you all personally!


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