Music Therapy

Hello everybody!

You’re still here? Damn! You must either be stuck in that position and have no choice other than to read my blogs, aliens have kidnapped you and your only means of survival is to read these blogs with them (yes, I have a theory that somewhere in space there are alien bloggers), or you just genuinely like me and/or my blogs!

But thank you for sticking around, for whatever reason! (though, if you’re being held hostage by aliens, maybe you should try offering them cookies or something 😉

So, anyway! I’m not planning on blogging about aliens (not today anyway ;), I’m here to blog about music!

Now, I know some of you are thinking “Music? Seriously?” but yes. Not just music, but the impact it has on people.

I like to call this music therapy, and I have no idea if that’s a real term or not, but it should be!

You know what I mean, right? When you’re sad or anxious or embarrassed, or any negative feeling, and music just lifts you up?

I’ve heard someone who said “Music is always there for you, you know?” and I do know.

At the moment, I’m really loving Divide by Ed Sheeran. It’s amazing!

The song Supermarket Flowers, which he wrote for his mother. It’s written from her perspective when she was dealing with her mother, Ed’s grandmother’s death.

He says “She was an angel in the shape of my mum” and “My father told me not to cry when I’m down, but my mother had a tear in her eye every time I blinked” and I just find his lyrics really powerful.

I know this is a sad song! But this was just an example. Music can just make us so happy, and it’s so powerful. Another one is Eraser by the same guy, Ed Sheeran.

I either want to be a musician (maybe a famous singer, if my anxiety doesn’t get in the way), a comedian, or a detective.

I know detective doesn’t really fit into the ‘performing’ category, but I thought I would add that one in there haha.

But I feel like creating music is a great thing to do, because you can help people like music helps you.

I know this blog is terribly short and terribly boring and just terribly terrible, but I’m about to go out and I really wanted to get a blog finished today, so I had to rush!

Much love, and many longer and more interesting blogs in the future haha,


P.S) If you haven’t already, sharing my blogs with your friends and family would make my day! I’m really hoping to grow this community! xcx


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